Attention all Project Directors and Project Managers, particularly those who supply goods and services to the rail industry.

  • Have you got an interface management plan?
  • Have you carried out a risk identification workshop with stakeholders?

Many projects are perceived as being poor quality and poor value for money because they are delivered ‘late’ and do not fulfil their specified functionality; straight out of the box’. Project Directors and Managers and their businesses can unwittingly get tarnished reputations and have to resort to ‘fire-fighting’ to restore some credibility.

This need not apply to projects for which you are responsible because help and support is available, to enhance your industry standing and enable controlled delivery of on-time results.

Geoff is a seasoned project Authority. His key to achieving project success is to use the ‘Vee’ lifecycle model and stage gate reviews. This can be applied to your project, ideally from the outset but if you are already underway, can be brought in to play at any stage through to final delivery.

My services are tailored to meet specific needs; there are three themes.

  • Project and Programme management
  • Assurance and risk
  • Design and interfaces

Most Directors and Managers, when thinking about moving forward, like to see rapid results. This helps to build confidence and trust. I usually provide this by carrying out a short, sharp review for each project to identify any ‘quick wins’ and enable recommendations for the way forward. From this, an expeditious project strategy can be developed, agreed and acted on.

With a clear way forward and an action plan for getting the job done, the grief of delays and project cost overruns can be things of the past. With established success criteria, agreed with your project stakeholders, you will be confident of achieving on-time delivery.